• Reviewed by: spiritblaze366  on: //2022
    Just got my order everyone got they're food, however I didn't get my entre.
  • Reviewed by: solarcents  on: //2022
    1575 for the chicken and broccoli and beef fried rice. I didn’t even get an egg roll and I specifically asked for one why
  • Reviewed by: tessalynn63  on: //2022
    Placed an order online. Waited. Called. You are closed. What's up with that?
  • Reviewed by: btwit25  on: //2021
    I ordered General Tso's chicken and was very disappointed. The chicken was so dry and hard it was hard to even chew almost like the meat was freezer burned. It was my first time ordering from them and what a disappointment. Don't know if I will give them a second try.
  • Reviewed by: cjround0408  on: //2021
    No brown rice?
  • Reviewed by: jcongrove83  on: //2021
    Chen’s garden is by far the best Chinese place to get Chinese food. Their customer service is wonderful, the drivers are awesome and the food is fantastic.
  • Reviewed by: imasmilek2  on: //2021
    Tonight was the 2nd time I've placed an order for delivery online. Both times were a disappointment. I did receive an email confirming my order, but here I am, and hour and a half later, and no food. Same as last time. This will be the last.
  • Reviewed by: martinandjean1092  on: //2021
    We generally order once a month. My wife likes general Taos chicken, or the chicken or beef hunan. I always go with something with shrimp, we always enjoy it, always well prepared and hot. But last week the beef hunan was terrible, tough and chewy, certainly not the beef they show in the picture, very disappointed. Marty
  • Reviewed by: jeannem331  on: //2020
    We miss Chen's Garden. We have had years of friendly, fast service. Please let the community know how to support you.
  • Reviewed by: r.schu66  on: //2020
    Got some wings there today. I hope you go back to fresh wings because these are terrible! Taste frozen, dry!
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