• Reviewed by: bmzimmer  on: //2019
    You need to COOK the broccoli longer and/or cut intro smaller pieces!!
  • Reviewed by: milly speegle   on: //2019
    the food was really good until the last two times. some of the food tasted burnt an the sweet an sour chicken last nite wasn't good at all, will try once more but if it doesn't improve I will not go back. hoping to get that great food again.
  • Reviewed by: reachoutcenter  on: //2018
    I am in a Nursing Home and they bring the food right to my room with a smile on their face. Very polite and as most have mentioned. THE FOOD IS FANTASTIC. I will miss it when I have to move to another town. Pastor Rick Starr 我在養老院,他們把食物帶到我的房間,臉上帶著微笑。很有禮貌,正如大多數人所提到的那樣。食物很棒。當我不得不搬到另一個城鎮時,我會想念它。牧師里克斯塔爾 Wǒ zài yǎnglǎoyuàn, tāmen bǎ shíwù dài dào wǒ de fángjiān, liǎn shàng dàizhe wéixiào. Hěn yǒu lǐmào, zhèngrú dà duōshù rén suǒ tí dào dì nàyàng. Shíwù hěn bàng. Dāng wǒ bùdé bù bān dào lìng yīgè chéngzhèn shí, wǒ huì xiǎngniàn tā. Mùshī lǐ kè sī tǎ ěr
  • Reviewed by: tnt0927  on: //2018
    I LOVE their food!!! Chicken and broccoli, or the chicken with cashew are my favs. So full of flavor and very generous portions. I highly recommend Chen’s Garden. The service is outstanding as well. Delivery is so quick and the prices are more than reasonable.
  • Reviewed by: craiglucas151  on: //2018
    Chen's Garden is the BEST!!
  • Reviewed by: hermhilton  on: //2017
    If you like tomatoes and are a Pepper Steak fan, I highly recommend the Pepper Steak and Tomatoes. i keep wanting to try other things but cant get past that. Overall, very good stuff and speedy delivery... I highly recommend them, and I lived in Japan for 7 years.
  • Reviewed by: puppytrimmer  on: //2017
    We ordered last night and it was amazing as usual. I ordered beef and broccoli and it was the most tender beef I have ever had in my life. Melt in your mouth tender. And they had our order done and delivered in 30 minutes! Shout out to you all at Chen's, you are the best!
  • Reviewed by: test  on: //2017
  • Reviewed by: pscgcleveland  on: 30/09/2014
    Excellent food, great delivery and it's that way every time! Beats out any competition in the area and online ordering never fails, in fact I think it's easier than calling! I keep going back to them because they've won me over.
  • Reviewed by: Kieranoel  on: 16/02/2014
    Awesome, fresh food. Super fast delivery! Love them.
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