• Reviewed by: whitneyfaye57  on: //2024
    Food is delicious the meat is so soft it melts in your mouth THANK YOU!so very much and there's just enough salt to not overpower the food. The fried donuts are awesome
  • Reviewed by:   on: //2024
  • Reviewed by: waycasterathena  on: //2023
    I ordered Perfect Match for my lunch tomorrow and got shrimp and chicken. I hope it is in the spicy garlic sauce. They need to pay attention and learn the ingredients that go into their menu items. I will not order again. This kind of thing has happened multiple times and I have been ordering here for 28 years!
  • Reviewed by: astrogrrl05  on: //2023
    Do not order through this website. I waited an hour with no food and ended up calling the store directly and they said the order was “missed”. Easier to just call. Trust me. Foods good though.
  • Reviewed by: terra.lohr12  on: //2023
    Just relocated back to the area after being gone for about ten years a lot has changed so I was looking for Chinese food an ran across Chen’s Garden an OMG the food is phenomenal an ordered the general Tso’s spicy an fried rice an two egg rolls along with cheese wonton an everything was absolutely amazingly tasteful
  • Reviewed by: urymary  on: //2023
    I have been getting from chens for years but the food I got tonight was terrible and no fortune cookie it had no flavor not even sure it was from chens
  • Reviewed by: spiritblaze366  on: //2022
    Just got my order everyone got they're food, however I didn't get my entre.
  • Reviewed by: solarcents  on: //2022
    1575 for the chicken and broccoli and beef fried rice. I didn’t even get an egg roll and I specifically asked for one why
  • Reviewed by: tessalynn63  on: //2022
    Placed an order online. Waited. Called. You are closed. What's up with that?
  • Reviewed by: btwit25  on: //2021
    I ordered General Tso's chicken and was very disappointed. The chicken was so dry and hard it was hard to even chew almost like the meat was freezer burned. It was my first time ordering from them and what a disappointment. Don't know if I will give them a second try.
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